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I’ve been a tech enthusiast for most of my life. From the moment my mother gave me a TI-99/4A, I’ve been all-in on technology. As a kid, I was a part of the 1st generation to have video games in the house, and I believe we were the first generation to have computer classes in school. Having access to computers and junior achievement was a combination that set me on my current path as a lover of finance and technology. Fast forward to around 2008, and I stumbled across a new platform called Blockchain. Unfortunately, like a few things throughout my life, I didn’t understand the impact that it would have until it was too late (I must tell the story of how my wife received a free bitcoin at a later date).

Once cryptocurrency exploded on the scene, I was very excited about learning all I could about the ins and outs of crypto and also how the blockchain platform works. Over time, I’ve become somewhat of a cryptocurrency knowledge base to my friends and family, and have been told that I should teach a class (More on this later).

Celo is one of my favorite DeFi coins, solid vision and great platform!

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Looking at the current state of the financial market, and the whole GameStop debacle, the rise of bitcoin and crypto is here to stay. Part of what I’ll be doing on this blog is allowing space to learn about innovative tech, and crypto is a focus of this blog as well. Viewing the rise of the DeFi (short for “decentralized finance,”) coins and many other shifts in the market, I believe cryptocurrency is here to stay!