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I’m Derek Robinson and This is Some of MY Story!

If you have made it to this page, I would like to thank you for visiting DRT. I’m often asked where the name Heavybrea comes from. Before I explain the origin of the Heavybrea brand, let me tell you a bit about myself. First, I would describe myself as an imagination-inspired digital designer. I picked up my first art instrument at the age of 8. My mother purchased a 48-count box of crayons and an Etch a Sketch that would start me on my path to artistic expression. Then, in the 5th grade, I won first place in a city-wide art contest on safety. My poster, entitled “Look Both Ways,” depicted a young boy crossing the street and almost getting hit by a car. This first taste of art glory would direct me on a long winding path that would help shape my eventual career path.

Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, three things were always present; Cleveland sports (Go Browns, CAVS, and Indians), the ever-looming threat of snow, and the wondrous worlds I created alone in my room. Always an imaginative child, I spent many a winter’s day drawing or building elaborate battlefields with G.I. Joe, He-Man, or whatever action figure I was in love with at the time. Living in the inner city of CLE allowed me to use my environment and surroundings as a source of inspiration and a muse for my personal style. I came of age when creativity and the arts were valued. The schools in my city emphasized a well-rounded curriculum that included the three R’s, art, and music class. As a child, my musical instrument of choice was the trumpet. While I have long put the brass down, I still have a deep love and appreciation for all forms of music, and I currently have a small home studio. As I progressed throughout my school career, art and creativity were an ever-present force in my life. In high school, I put together my school’s yearbook and was a member of the commercial arts club. I had a life-changing event in the summer between my sophomore and junior year at St. Peter Chanel High School. I grew almost 8 inches to a respectable 6’6″. This growth spurt changed me physically and impacted my artistic journey. Art and my imagination were not at the forefront of my mind for the first time in my life. My newfound physical attributes allowed me to live out my desire to be an athlete. While I had a love for art, athletics filled in me a need to compete, something I still embrace through video games, working out, and my passion for sports.

As I ended high school, something in me changed. I was no longer an awkward teen playing with toys and reading comic books. Instead, I had a new focus on business and becoming a productive member of society. I’ve always made money as a child through paper routes and all sorts of junior business ventures (thanks, Junior Achievement!), but my newfound focus was, for the first time, not based on art. I was on the path to becoming an adult, and in my mind, there was no possible way to make it as a professional artist. As I entered college, I had a semi-completed plan for what I wanted to do, but as the saying goes, “We plan, and God Laughs”!

As I found myself at the University of Toledo, I realized I didn’t want to jump into the corporate rat race. So, after some time, I returned to Cleveland with a refresh of my original plan. I had a love for computers, tech, and art. In my mind, I needed to find a way to marry all the things I loved to do and make a living doing them.

"I had a love for computers, tech, and art. In my mind, I needed to find a way to marry all the things I loved to do..."

As I’ve matured, I have realized that God has a way of placing you right where you need to be. I ended up in Atlanta because of the prospect of living out my dreams. I relished the opportunity to swim with the big fish (The athletic need for competition has found another way to manifest itself). As I grew to love Atlanta, I also loved all aspects of my youth. I have embraced my entrepreneurial side, I’ve embraced my inner-city nerd, and I’ve also found my way back to my first love…art. My desire to see small businesses represented professionally is one of the reasons that Heavybrea Multimedia was started, and DRT was a way for me to tell my story and provide my perspective.

During my time of self-actualization and living life, I’ve had many beautiful experiences, including marrying the love of my life, and the births of my beautiful daughters, Briana and Heaven. However, becoming a father was the one thing that really motivated me to get focused on my plan. And my two daughters are the inspiration for the name Heavybrea.

Whatever brought you to this site, please know your attention is appreciated. Feel free to contact me, make sure you smile and have a blessed day!

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