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UX Designer, Web Developer, and Digital Designer. Best practice research, project manager, wireframing, prototyping, and client proposal presentation.


Couture Purpose was seeking to launch a marketplace and brand line to support its messaging, and engage it’s audience. They wanted an eCommerce mobile app designed to sell merchandise, apparel, books, and training materials.


Couture Purpose wanted to increase its visibility by launching a shopping app for its products and services.

As the project manager and the UX designer for the application, I was tasked with creating a new application that the company would use to sell products and services. 

The challenges for this app were not that complex. Primarily, they consisted of creating the app and formulating a plan for launching the app by the company. Having worked with Couture Purpose previously, they understood my expertise and, as such, trusted me to manage the project from start to finish.


Having the directives from the team, I decided to start with an app that conformed to their brand standards in design and feel.

Lastly, there were a few deliverables that I included in the app. They were as follows:

  1. Visitor account functionality
  2. e-commerce support
  3. Shopping cart integration
  4. Website integration for those sales that would occur through the website
  5. Customer database integration
  6. Back office work as needed


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Runway App Mobile Screens


At the discovery phase of this project, we surveyed a small group of customers and team members to get their idea of what they would want for the shopping app. 

The survey results revealed that as long as the app performed like most other shopping apps, it would be good to go. There was a request for a tracking feature in the app, but that didn’t need to be designed on my end.

Per my usual process, I reviewed the survey results and went to work creating the wireframes and prototypes for the application. 


For this project, the client decided that they didn’t want a user journey map; they provided their map for the user journey for me to use.

Runway App User Profile


This project was pretty straightforward. Using the client’s provided specs, I was able to mock up a design that they could take to their developer to get completed. I believe it was a good design and was surprised to find out that another firm has acquired them. I don’t know the application’s status, but they were moving forward with it upon the last contact.

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