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UX Designer, Web Developer, and Digital Designer. Best practice research, project manager, wireframing, prototyping, and client proposal presentation.


As the Lead Product Designer for Couture Purpose, my primary responsibility was to design an eCommerce mobile app that met the brand’s messaging goals and effectively engaged its target audience. Working closely with the Couture Purpose team, I conducted research to gain a deep understanding of their vision, goals, and the needs of their users. Through user research, I identified the target audience’s pain points, preferences, and expectations when using other competitors’ eCommerce mobile apps.

Based on the insights gathered from the research, I created user personas and user stories to inform the app’s design and development. In addition, I developed wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity mockups to visualize the app’s layout, navigation, and features and conducted usability testing to validate the design and collect feedback for improvements.

I collaborated closely with the development team throughout the project to ensure the design’s correct implementation and file submission requirements. Additionally, I supported the Couture Purpose team during the app launch and post-launch phases, ensuring the app’s success and user satisfaction. Finally, I created an internal design system that provided the team with a definitive design direction and new brand standards.


Couture Purpose recognized that its online presence was limited and needed an eCommerce mobile app to sell its products and services.

As the application’s project manager and UX designer, I had to tackle various challenges to deliver a successful outcome. One primary challenge was ensuring that the app’s design and functionality aligned with the company’s brand message and values. I had to work closely with the Couture Purpose team to understand their vision and goals and translate them into a user-centered design that would resonate with their target audience.

Another significant challenge was to create an eCommerce mobile app that provided an intuitive user experience, streamlined checkout process, and robust product search and filtering capabilities. This required extensive research and testing to identify the most critical features and functionalities and prioritize them in the design.

Furthermore, launching an app requires careful planning, including creating a launch strategy, identifying key performance indicators, and measuring success metrics. As the project manager, I had to develop a detailed project plan, manage timelines, and collaborate with the development team to ensure the app was delivered on time and met all the requirements.

Overall, the project required careful consideration of the brand, user needs, and technical requirements to create a successful eCommerce mobile app that aligned with Couture Purpose’s vision and goals.


To create a shopping app that aligned with the brand standards, I researched the company’s existing branding elements, such as color schemes, typography, and imagery. Then, I used this information to design a visually appealing and cohesive app matching the overall Couture Purpose brand.

In addition, I incorporated visitor account functionality, allowing users to create an account to track their purchase history and save their preferences. Finally, to support e-commerce, I integrated shopping cart functionality, making it easy for users to add and remove items from their cart before making a purchase.

To ensure a seamless user experience, I also integrated the app with the Couture Purpose website. This integration allowed users to access and purchase items on the app and website easily.

To support the company’s customer database, I integrated the app with the existing system, making it easy for the company to track and manage customer information.

Finally, I provided necessary back-office support, including monitoring sales data and implementing updates to ensure the app’s continued success. My solution provided Couture Purpose with a user-friendly shopping app supporting their business goals and enhancing their brand visibility.


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During the discovery phase of the Couture Purpose shopping app project, we surveyed a small group of customers and team members to gather insights into their needs and preferences. The survey results showed that the users were generally satisfied with the functionality of other shopping apps, and they wanted the Couture Purpose shopping app to perform similarly.

One of the key findings was that users preferred a straightforward and easy-to-use interface with clear navigation and intuitive features. Additionally, some users requested a tracking feature for their purchases, which we noted for future consideration.

After reviewing the survey results, I created wireframes and prototypes for the application. Next, I ensured that the design aligned with the brand’s messaging and reflected the feedback from the survey. Finally, I incorporated the necessary features, such as visitor account functionality, e-commerce support, shopping cart integration, website integration, and customer database integration, while ensuring a seamless user experience.

During the design process, I worked closely with the development team to ensure the app was technically feasible and aligned with the requirements for successful implementation. I also conducted usability testing to validate the design and ensure it met the users’ needs and preferences.

In summary, the discovery phase provided valuable insights that informed the design of the Couture Purpose shopping app, and our user-centered approach ensured that the app met the needs and expectations of its target audience.


After discussing the project requirements with the client, I realized that they already had a rough idea of what the user journey for the app should be. So, although the client did not want a user journey map created, I used their information to create a small-scale user journey map as a reference.

From this map, I understood the various touchpoints and interactions that users would have with the app, and I incorporated key user journey elements into the design process. This process involved creating user personas and conducting user research to ensure that the app design would align with the needs and goals of the target audience.

To ensure that the app design would be intuitive and easy to use for users, I considered the different touchpoints and interactions they would have with the app. This consideration involved creating wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity mockups to visualize the app’s layout, navigation, and features.

Although the client did not initially request a user journey map, I incorporated key user journey elements into the design process to ensure the app’s success and user satisfaction.

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For this project, the client provided me with precise specifications and requirements for the app design. Using this information, I created a design that met their needs, aligned with their brand standards, and exceeded their expectations. In addition, I ensured that the app flow was intuitive and easy to use for users by incorporating key user journey elements and conducting user research.

Once completed, I handed my Figma files to the client’s developer to begin the development phase. During this phase, I supported and collaborated with the developer to ensure the correct implementation of the design.

Upon our last contact, the client was moving forward with the app, which was in the development phase. However, I later found out that another firm had acquired the client, and I am unsure of the current status of the application. Despite this, I am proud of the design I created for the client and believe it was an excellent solution to their needs.

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