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This project aimed to design and implement an effective web presence, create an app to capture leads, and build a userbase. In addition, there were quite a few UX designs for their “ready powered by ArcheMedX” application.


I worked with Senior Management and the Marketing team for this project in a Senior Digital UX Designer role.

  • Molly Bryant Head of Marketing
  • Joel Selzer, MBA Co-Founder and Cheif Executive Officer
  • Nicholas Malone Senior Associate


Since they didn’t have a designated design department, my responsibilities included providing them with many of their website graphics and the mockup design of some of their client-facing applications. I also worked on collateral that mocked up the user flow for some of their applications and offerings. One of the main challenges was that the clients didn’t have a clear strategy for presenting their message. In addition, since this particular client had little experience with the technical aspects of web development, they leaned heavily on me to provide a design solution that worked in the framework of their current CMS. Finally, this project presented a unique set of challenges in that the client wanted to have an illustrated look for most of the designs and mockups.


This design project was comprehensive in its scope. The ArcheMedX site is vast, and my designs needed to fit within their brand standards and the client’s required look and feel. I also had to create an app interface that was simple and easy to navigate and mockups that utilized simple design aesthetics to convey the needed application features.


At the discovery phase of this project, I needed to understand the end-user for the ArcheMedX product offerings. Working with the Head of Marketing to establish the target audience and reviewing the process they currently had in place, I determined some of the pain points they were experiencing. Some of these were as follows:

  1. Difficulty promoting the organization’s website and content offerings.
  2. The website provided a very unpleasant user experience with the information not easily accessible and the messaging somewhat convoluted. 
  3. Design collateral that is uniform and works to push the look and feel in a cohesive direction.


Before getting to the app’s design, I replaced the existing stock imagery with custom imagery for their website. This process included establishing an overall style direction for content and assets and iconography. My initial feedback/suggestions were as follows:

Imagery should immediately and boldly convey to a reader that:

  • ArcheMedX is a software company
  • They serve the life sciences (Pharma/Biotech/CRO) and healthcare industries
  • Their value proposition is built on themes of data/analytics, time/cost reduction, and training

With the feedback I received on the design direction, it was clear how the look and feel of the imagery needed to be designed. Understanding the clinical trial process was key to providing a compelling set of designs. One of the issues with clinical trials is that there are often delays in getting a trial started. The ArcheMedX ready software allows Clinical Research Organizations and trial sponsors to identify which sites are ready to start a trial, and it enables those organizations to predict who will succeed in conducting the clinical study and who needs preparation. All of this is crucial in preventing delays which in this industry can cost time and money. One of their main clients are Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), so it was imperative that the artwork and interface design was easy to navigate and provided a look and feel that made what appeared to be a complicated product easy to digest. 

ArcheMedX UX Design
App Screen Prototypes

Additionally, most of the mockups provided a focused view on specific application areas that needed spotlighting. This approach addressed the issues that were a struggle for the ArcheMedX marketing department to get their message out to those who needed their software offerings.

Learning Page ArcheMedX
Online Curriculum Introduction Video
Home Page Mocks ArcheMedX
Desktop Mockups

As I analyzed the website’s content, I noticed that you wouldn’t know that they were a software company at face value. However, they offer a pretty good product called “ready…powered by ArcheMedX” This software provides a cutting-edge clinical trial learning platform that can predict and improve performance for teams, sites, and individuals. While it’s an excellent application, the messaging benefited from an image overhaul. Due to the difficulty of understanding ready, the mockups that I created provided a clear understanding of this software. By removing some of the less important details and again spotlighting some of the core features, we could present a clearer image of the ready platform and its value proposition to the end-user. This design project’s user journey was somewhat unconventional; nevertheless, I mapped it out and utilized it to provide a design that satisfied the clients’ needs.

Ready Home ArcheMedX
Ready Website Design


There are sometimes when you work with a client, and they place you on a short leash. Working with ArcheMedX and, in particular, Molly is not one of those instances. Her openness to my feedback and design choices allowed us to create a look and feel that I believe it will work for ArcheMedX moving forward. The design style that I created worked to make a somewhat complex application appear simplified and improved the user experience. I recently found out that the work won a Best Pandemic Pivot campaign award at the Spark Awards.

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