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UX Designer, Web Developer, and Digital Designer. Best practice research, project manager, wireframing, prototyping, and client proposal presentation.


Kingspan determined that the current plant tour did not fully utilize the opportunity to present the brand in the best light to their clients and guest. Therefore, the Kingspan tour update sought to refine and upgrade the tour experience. One of the pain points was scheduling the plant tours, and this process was the core part of this project to create an app that could alleviate the difficulties that Kingspan had in scheduling plant tours.


Kingspan Insulation as a division wanted to increase the visibility of the plant tour by creating a streamlined, focused plant tour and a refined app that could facilitate tour booking and registration.

This project was multifaceted. As the project manager over this project and the UX designer for the application, there were many phases. This project involved creating a new streamlined tour route in the plant, defining the per-person cost of the plant tour, and establishing a standardized plant tour that would provide a consistent experience for all involved.

The challenges to the app portion of this project were vast. The first client need was to have a centralized yearly calendar of the tours incorporated into the app. They also needed to integrate sales interaction, community outreach, and awareness to deliver a more consistent experience. Finally, there was no concrete flow-through for tour visitors and sales associates who would primarily be the department providing the tours as currently structured. Lastly, there was minimal communication of the plant tours throughout the organization.


Due to the nature of this project, I determined that I should break out the deliverables for the app into three phases pre-tour, tour, and post-tour. I chose to address the pre-tour experience first. This phase includes the client experience from initial contact through arrival at the plant for the tour. In addition, there was a demand for a company-wide calendar shared throughout the company where all the employees in the plant, sales, and corporate could see the plant tours scheduled, which was the first step for me to design.

Secondly, there was a desire for the sales team to have to interact with the app. They wanted to send reminders, check on statuses, and view the bookings for hotels, flights, etc. Finally, to facilitate the customization of the plant tours, I suggested setting standards and processes and different tour types; Learning, Assessment, and Teaching tour types were proposed and adopted.

Lastly, there were a few pre-tour deliverables that I included in the app. In addition to the calendar function, I also had the following:

  1. Visitor & Sales email component
  2. Scheduling
  3. Welcome package scheduling
  4. Vendor agreement integration
  5. Customer database integration


At the discovery phase of this project, we surveyed a small group of customers to get their idea of what they would want for a tour app. We also surveyed internal employees at the plant, in sales, and at the corporate headquarters to get an idea of everyone’s role in plant tours and what they wanted to see with the new app. Lastly, there was a steering committee created that could resolve any issues that were beyond my jurisdiction.

The survey results revealed that most customers didn’t have high expectations for a plant tour. In addition, many of them didn’t know that a plant tour was an option, so there was a chance to increase visibility for the tours. This information presented an opportunity to create a tour and application that could change the client’s expectations.

The internal feedback was very detailed and presented many “wants” and “needs.” One of the consistent points was that there needed to be visibility for when the plant tours were scheduled. There were instances where someone would organize a plant tour, and because no one knew, there was no one available to give the plant tour.

I agreed with the survey results and quickly went to work creating the wireframe for the application. 


After receiving the survey results, I provided the client with a user journey and proposal to walk through how the customers will move through the plant tour process via the app.

I proposed some solutions that I believed would assist the client in getting through the first phase of the design. There was a requirement to get the tours scheduled in 45 – 1:15 time frames. I set the calendar up to provide 15-minute incremental selections. To get more clients and community visibility, I suggested the following:

  1. Incorporate an email component that could be utilized by the sales team as well as the customers. This component would allow visibility for changes and messages back and forth.
  2. I designed a function that would allow all those that have access to the app to have personal accounts. This function allowed the sales team to see the customer, the total cost of the tour, hotel stays, airline arrivals, and all other information that would help create a memorable experience.
  3. If someone didn’t want to utilize the application, there was also a website where the client could book the tour and get additional information about the process needed on their end.
  4. During the creation of the user journey map, I discovered that they would need someone to ensure that someone from the plant achieved most of the deliverables, so I also added another category of user that would be the point person on the plant end to check that the app completed all the back-end work.
  5. The design needed to stay on brand, so I observed all the corporate colors and brand standards during the app and website setup. 

This project was dependant on wireframes, prototypes, and multiple mockups that provided a focused view on specific agenda items. Finally, this project’s user journey map helped everyone look at the user flow from start to finish. Due to the scale of this project, there were multiple changes to the user journey, but I eventually got to the point of completion.


This project for Kingspan’s plant tour application was an enormous project that had many touchpoints and deliverables. It spanned multiple mediums and had a six-figure budget. As the project manager and UX designer, it was great to work with various departments and teams. Lastly, I created a system for an international organization to improve a sales tool that has generated additional income. Not only did I perform project manager, UX, and digital design duties, I was able to create something that would be around long after I finished this project.

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